What if we could give your city a personal touch? Each city has its own atmosphere, personality and culture.

HASHTAG MILANO® recalling vibrant moments, perfumes and rituals typical of Milan, allows anyone and anywhere in the world to experience strong emotions feeling part of a community. Part photographer, part writer, designer, traveler or poet. It is a place of the mind, where you can relive and savor the emotions offered by a modern, active, cosmopolitan and international city. From fashion to cosmetics, from history to culture, from art to style, there are a thousand emotions that inspire and make you dream.


    Milan is not just the name of the economic capital of Italy, it is rather a guarantee. It has a bit of Rome, Florence and, why not, Venice too, but what fascinates is the international dimension.


    Milan is finance, efficient work, but also fashion, style, trend, art and science. Milan is a metropolis that has managed to shake off the stamp of a mere industrial city.


    HASHTAG MILANO® is the concept, the spirit, the soul of a city capable of reinventing itself , of reacting to stasis by giving its own and very personal interpretation to resilience.