What if an object could catapult you to Milan, just by wearing it? Put on a pair of sneakers and feel the cobbled streets of the Navigli under your feet, flanked by the colorful ancient buildings of the historic center, smell the smell of the canals, walk over the bridges and feel part of Milan. Or, apply a treatment on the face and catapult yourself into the shops of Via Montenapoleone , and then indulge in a stop with an aperitif on the terrace . Explore Piazza Affari transported by a clock with an exclusive style, halfway between the Duomo and the Castello Sforzesco or stop for dinner on the dock, among dim lights and mysterious boats.

An umbrella that evokes the pouring rain and makes the Milanese city even more fascinating. Enchanted by the colorful buildings , the wrought iron balconies , the pigeons and the vintage trams that continue to serve the city.

A purse is all it takes to conquer the heart of Milan, strolling through the superb Vittorio Emanuele II gallery, which hosts luxury brands such as Prada , a bit of a shopping mecca.

A bracelet or a luminous ring are the perfect vehicle to bring to mind the showy chandeliers of the bars in Corso Como , one of the six centers of the Milanese nightlife, between boutiques with bistros and winter gardens that smell of mohito, not far from the most exclusive in Italy, offering creations by starred chefs and imaginative reinterpretations of Lombard culinary masterpieces.

A sporting garment and you can dream of San Siro , football matches, the roars of the fans or the great author concerts, which excite and inflame nights and generations.



Milan. It is not just the name of the economic capital of Italy, it is rather a guarantee. It has a bit of Rome, Florence and, why not, even Venice, but what fascinates is the international dimension . Milan is finance, efficient work, but also fashion, style, trend, art and science. Milan is a metropolis that has managed to shake off the stamp of a mere industrial city, exporting unique and almost inimitable concepts: thus, the Milan to drink of the roaring 80s, rediscovers a city capable of reinventing itself , of reacting to the stasis of years of the pandemic and to give its own, very personal, interpretation to resilience.

HASHTAG MILANO® is a choice of principle : the object is the tool to add a Milanese touch to an experience that is often very distant. It is a shawl, for example, that transports to the stalls at La Scala, an accessory that brings to mind the cultural and artisan forge of Brera, a tailored and unique coat that catapults into the fashion district.

In short, HASHTAG MILANO® is a concept: Milan to drink, the catwalks, the art of tailoring. Thus, the Lombard capital becomes the Milan that inspires . It is the dawn of a new era.



When you think of Milan, the first image that comes to mind is that of the capital of fashion and shopping.

The city is, in fact, famous for its fashion weeks and its many designer boutiques. But Milan is not only this: the city has many assets and places of historical or cultural interest, starting with its most emblematic monument, the Duomo.

From a character point of view, Milan is unique:

  • belonging and inclusion together: the real Milanese is not the one who was born in Milan but the one who settles and develops in this city
  • sense of possibility: in Milan everything is possible. Just find the right partners
  • orientation to doing : the Lombard capital has always been a forge of ideas and has seen entrepreneurial and financial successes born
  • elegance : how could it be otherwise given that we are in the capital of fashion?
  • decorum and resoluteness . The Milanese are people of few words. They prefer facts. They do not boast of their membership, but advertise the city with their work.

HASHTAG MILANO® is a positive message, a promise of success, a fusion style between new standards of internationalization and classic style traditions. It is more than an ambition: a promise to conquer the markets, but also results. It is pretentiousness: to flesh out virtual technology, to give it body, material and values. In a word, class. It is resilience: not to suffer events, but to react. And win, show yourself, assert yourself, suggest, inspire ...



What is it that Milan could still scream at the world with a hashtag, in terms of trends , if not a new, revolutionary approach ? The philosophy of HASHTAG MILANO® is a global project: to give an emotion to take around the world, which contaminates any corner of the globe, giving it a touch of magic. A cosmetic, a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory that allows you to live (or relive) flavors, aromas, experiences, sensations of Milan to drink. By recalling vibrant moments, scents and rituals typical of the Lombard capital, HASHTAG MILANO® thus allows anyone and anywhere in the world to feel part of an inclusive community by vocation.

In short, HASHTAG MILANO® objects are places of mind , where you can relive and savor the emotions offered by a modern, active, cosmopolitan and international city.

HASHTAG MILANO® is also an invitation to embark on a journey through the thousand facets of the Milanese style that has inspired and made you dream for years.



If the hashtag can easily cross linguistic borders, then why not geographic ones too? HASHTAG MILANO® promises a magic that is renewed: it allows you to relive or imagine emotions linked to a typical Milanese experience. Perfumes, colors, dynamism ... the sense of the city is concentrated in an ever-changing product, which constitutes the starting point of an identification process, the conquest of a sense of belonging.



Dedicated to those who live around the world, to those who have visited Milan and been bewitched by it or to those who dream of its pragmatism and the charm of immediacy: the typical customer of HASHTAG MILANO® is a foreigner who dreams of making his values ​​his Milanese, who are attracted to it or have nostalgic memories: shopping in via Montenapoleone, the opera at La Scala, an aperitif on the Navigli, a gourmet dinner come to life in the brand's designer objects.

Thus, HASHTAG MILANO® is a gesture of pleasure for everyone, but also a responsible project , committed to respecting people and the environment. Sensitivity and ambition: welcome initiative.


The Spirit of Milano: If it guarantees success, then why not wear it?

HASHTAG MILANO® is a brand that has the ambition to concentrate all the values ​​of the Lombard capital and the daughter generations of our times.